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Transformer Oil Analysis Processes

Atmospheric conditions and the design of a transformer can have a bearing on how long a transformer will be operable. A transformer oil analysis will detect oxygen within a transformer. If a transformer's design is flawed, the monitoring equipment that conducts an analysis will alert an end user to a potential problem with their equipment.

Premature Aging

Oxygen increases can alter the pressure level within a transformer. When the temperature rate increases, the transformer oil volume increases. As a result of the expansion, the oil will push atmospheric gasses out of the transformer. When the temperature rate decreases, the oil volume decreases, and atmospheric gasses will be sucked into the transformer.

Consistent conditions are essential in keeping a transformer up and running in a normal manner. If monitoring isn't performed, an issue with a transformer's design may go unnoticed. This could have an impact on how a transformer operates or the length of time that a transformer can continue to be utilized.

An Analysis

There are various analysis products that can be used to detect gas differentiations. Oil analysis is performed with the use of probes and software. Testing can detect gas fluctuations in real time. An end user who relies upon the use of oil analysis equipment will be furnished with a breakdown of the properties of transformer oil.

Many testing products provide a cost analysis tool, plus various charts and graphs that will provide a comprehensive look at the health of the transformer oil. Monitoring equipment can be programmed to perform testing processes at distinct times. 

The Equipment

If your business relies upon the use of transformers, any issues that have affected the performance of a transformer in the past may have resulted in operational cost increases. A business that sells monitoring equipment will feature representatives who can guide you in choosing testing equipment that is suited for the exact transformer models that are used at your place of business.

Contact a representative of transformer testing equipment and provide them with details about how your business is run. Furnish the transformer model numbers that you own and provide information about where the transformers are installed at your place of business.

The monitoring equipment that you are matched with will need to be professionally installed. A technician will program the analysis equipment and will demonstrate how to review the testing information that a software program provides. If differentiations in the oil quality are detected, you will be able to check further into a transformer issue.