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The Importance Of Participation In Recycling Corrugated Cardboard

Among consumers, corrugated cardboard recycling doesn't receive much attention. That's because individuals do not make money by taking it to a facility. They are more interested in receiving cash in exchange for scrap metal that they bring to a recycling facility. Nonetheless, recycling cardboard is important so it can be used again and not be sent to a landfill. 

A Significant Demand

Although many people don't realize it, there is a significant demand for used corrugated cardboard. The main use is for packaging. On average, cardboard containers include about 48 percent used material. Some packages are made entirely of recycled cardboard. The material also is used to manufacture paper bags. 

A Conundrum

Unfortunately, while individual households continue to increase their online shopping, their overall rate of recycling cardboard packaging is low. In contrast, commercial enterprises like grocery and large retail stores recycle 90 to 100 percent of the material. One motivating factor is that the stores receive money for flattened bales of cardboard essentially guaranteed not to be contaminated with food or other substances.

Individuals may feel they don't have the time or patience to comply with municipal pickup guidelines for cardboard. The municipality might require breaking the boxes down or even cutting them into smaller pieces.

Advantages of Recycling Cardboard

Although these households don't receive payment, they might consider two other advantages. 

Environmental Factors

One advantage is environmental. Recycling cardboard results in fewer trees being felled to manufacture paper. That process costs more for manufacturers even when the cardboard is made from lumber industry byproducts such as wood chips and sawdust.

Economic Considerations

This leads to the second advantage, which is economics-based. Being able to use this material saves money for manufacturers. The factories can pass along the monetary savings to companies and consumers buying products containing recycled cardboard.

Automated Sorting

Recycling facilities have been moving toward automated sorting with machinery. This allows consumers to avoid having to separate various materials. Compliance is higher when everything can go in one large container.

During automated sorting, corrugated cardboard is removed from the batch early. Because sections are held together with adhesive, recycling requires a different process than is the case for thin cardboard and other kinds of paper.

Encouraging Everyone to Participate

Of all packaging materials, corrugated cardboard is recycled more than any other. Box factories and other manufacturers making products from the material strongly encourage everyone to participate in the recycling of corrugated cardboard. Reach out to a professional for more information about cardboard recycling