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4 Boiler Upgrades, Conversions, And Improvements To Reduce Your Annual Heating And Energy Costs

If you are tired of high annual heating and energy costs, it is time to start planning on improving the mechanical systems in your home. These improvements can start with upgrades and improvements to your boiler to bring it up to date with modern energy standards and designs. The following boiler upgrades, conversions and improvements will help you reduce energy costs with a more efficient heating solution for your home:

1. Upgrading Heating Thermostats and Boiler Controls with More Accurate Digital Systems

The thermostat of your heating system and the controls of your boiler may be outdated analog systems. If you want to improve the efficiency of your boiler, consider replacing these components with modern digital and programmable controls, that are more accurate, efficient and can allow you to program the system to maximize its efficiency.

2. Integrating Renewable Energy Solutions into The Design of Your Boiler to Reduce Fuel Consumption

There are also renewable energy solutions that you may want to consider for your boiler, which can be simple geothermal HVAC, solar water heaters or solar panels that help power electrical motors and components. Adding renewable energy to the design of your boiler will help to greatly reduce energy costs.

3. Converting Your Boiler Burner to A More Efficient System or Sustainable Biomass Fuel Alternatives

There are many different types of fuels that can be used with residential boilers, which are usually oil and gas fuels. If you want to improve your boiler, consider converting it to a more affordable and efficient biomass system that uses fuel made from sustainable resources. If you have an old oil boiler, you may want to consider converting it to a more efficient natural gas system.

4. Upgrading Electric Motors, Pumps and Boiler Parts with More Efficient Replacements

Depending on the systems your boiler is used for and the type of fuel it uses, there are different motors and pumps. These motors can be inefficient if you have an older boiler and replacing them with more efficient parts is a great way to improve the performance of your boiler. You can talk to a boiler service about the parts that can be replaced to make your boiler more efficient and reduce energy consumption.

These are some of the options you have for boiler conversions, upgrades and improvements to reduce energy costs in your home. If you are ready to update your boiler and heating system, contact a residential boiler service and talk to them about some of these options for your home.